Hydraulic Filter Press Introduction

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Hydraulic Filter Press Introduction:

Hydraulic Filter Press is one of the widely used slurry dewatering machine. It is commonly used for the slurry dewatering, wastewater treatment and solid-liquid separation in medicine,chemical industry,metallurgy, food, mining and other industries.

Hydraulic filter press mechanism composed of hydraulic, cylinder, piston, piston rod and a piston rod connected with the pressing plate havran cards structural composition of hydraulic motors, pumps, pressure relief valve (adjustable pressure) for way valve, pressure gauge, fuel lines, fuel tank.

Hydraulic Filter Press pressed by hydraulic station for the high-pressure oil cylinder and piston cavity filled with fluid composed of elements, when the pressure is greater than the frictional resistance when pressing plate running, slowly pressing plate clamping plate, when the pressure clamping force to achieve relief valve set pressure value (shown by the pressure gauge pointer), the filter plate, filter box (frame type) or plate (van) is pressed, began unloading relief valve, then motor is switched off, the pressing operation is completed, return when the reversing valve, the pressure oil into the cylinder rod chamber, when the oil pressure to overcome the frictional resistance when pressed board, pressed board began to return.

Features of Hydraulic filter press:

-  Big pressing force(17-20MPa) can avoid leakage effectively.

-  Hydraulic station adopts ABB motor, it is steady in operation.

-   Auto closing and auto opening.

-  Labor saving.

-   It specially apply to models with large capacity, it can ensure good filtering effect.


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