Filter cloths

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Filter Cloths

Efficient – high-quality – durable


- Polypropylene
- Polyethylens
- Polyester
- Nylon
- Rilsan
- Trevira

Various designs:

- Butterfly cloth
- Drop-over cloth
- Backing cloths
- With welded rubber- or plastics membrane
- Sewn
- With Velcro-strip
- With sealing edge
- Special designs due to customer demand.

Quality and experience:

Important for the filtration quality and the required results is the operation of the optimal filter cloth in combination with the perfect execution. The here offered filter cloths are used in a variety of industries very successfully since decades.


A high efficiency is achieved through an optimal filtration plus a long durability and plus the easy release of the filter cake. The patented filter cloth version with welded rubber or plastics membrane offers safety and optimal cleanliness at the inlet area.


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