Filter Bag and Filter Cloth sewing department

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Filter Media

1. Filter Bag and Filter Cloth sewing department:

To further service our many process customers, Met-Chem has a large sewing factory on our premises to make any type of filter bag, filter press cloths or filter media, to your specifications. Applications include liquid, air or gas. Our deliveries are always within a few days since we stock many of the textiles required for these applications.

To allow us to ship smaller orders in 1 day, we keep part of our plant available to handle these orders from start to finish.  This includes laying out the fabric, cutting the bags from patterns, sewing and shipping the finished product.  By having trained people in this area to "do the whole job", we can avoid the production line requirement our large orders face.  This enables us to make and ship all of our smaller to medium size bag orders the day they are received or very soon afterward.


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2. We stock a variety of fabrics to suit your application:

All of the fabrics we use are manufactured to our specifications by the many textile mills with whom we contract.  We keep a large inventory of materials on hand so we can respond to your needs quickly.

We are also very proud of our testing lab that helps to determine the right fabric for your specific requirements.  We have a Frazier Permiability Tester, this is the industry method for true testing of  a fabric’s porosity to determine it’s filtering characteristics which enables us to determine permeability of any filter fabric.  This tests the CFM which is the cubic foot per minute of air permeability at a .5” pressure drop. 







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Địa chỉ: 143 Đường số 6, KP1, P. Linh Xuân, Q. Thủ Đức

Hotline: 0908 835 842 - 0906 999 423



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