Program-controlled Automatic Filter Press Introduction

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Program-controlled Automatic Filter Press Introduction:

Programmed Control and Automatic  Plate Separation Filter press  controlled by PLC. Such as pressing of filter plate, open and close of bomb door, plate shifting can be operated automatically. There is remote control interface and realize remote control. Besides, filter press can be fitted with cloth vibrating system, drip tray, cake storage hopper and cloth washing system as per required. Pressing power comes from hydraulic unit.

Components of Program- contronled Automatic Filter Press:

 Programmed Control and Automatic Plate Separation Filter press is consists of hydraulic station, control box, cylinder, frame, press plate, thrust plate, filter plate and plate shifting device.


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Features of Program-controlled Automatic Filter Press:

  • Special design of dust protection cover of hydraulic rod and it is good for long term service time.
  •  High efficiency and saving much time.
  •  Reduce cost of labor force by automatic plate shifting system.
  •  Die presses the reinforced polypropylene into filter plate .featuring smooth and flat surface, high intensity. light weight, acid and alkaline resistant, anti-corrosion, nontoxic and inodorous.
  •  The automatic hydraulic device is used for pressing and releasing the filter plate. The electrical contract pressure gauge is available to automatically maintain pressure. The operation of automatically pushing and pulling filter plate can becon-ducted by the automatic pulling plate which is driven by Integrating motor with fluid power.
  •  The frame is manufactured by welded steel structure with high intensity, featuring high intensity. stable structure, long useful life, so it can support the maximum pressure from filtration.



Hình ảnh: Filter press






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