A filter press consists of the following parts

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Filter Presses

Following the production of the raw oil, the oil needs to be cleaned of solids and other impurities. 
This can be done through a filter press.

A filter press consists of the following parts:

-    Filter frame

-    Filter plates

-    Filter Cloth

-    Pressure pump

Depending on the desired capacity, the number and size of the filter plates will vary, consequently also the filter area.

Between the filter plates are the filter cloths through which the to be filtered oil will pass. The filter cloths are made of textile material, which will let the fluids pass through. During the filtering process the cloths will retain any solids and thereby form a filter cake. Such solids will build up on the cloths and thereby also function as filter material. This will lead to an increase in pressure. After the pressure reaches a certain level, the filter plates need to be cleaned.


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