Plate Filter Press for Sludge Treatment from Dai Dong Tien Phat

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Plate Filter Press for Sludge Treatment from Dai Dong Tien Phat

A plate filter press makes disposing your wastewater sludge a much easier task. Rather than paying another company to haul away the liquefied sludge, a plate press produces dry cakes which can be taken straight to the landfill for disposal. If you’re looking to get a filter press that will help you take total control of your sludge removal, but doesn’t require constant monitoring, one of the world’s leading filter press manufacturers. Our engineers have designed these filter press systems with a high degree of automation, so all your employees need to do is initiate the sludge pump at the start and clear the cakes at the end. We have models for batch loads of any size from 400 to over 10,000 gallons, so no matter how large your operation is there’s a  press to suit your needs.


Our filter presses are also efficient enough to produce cakes that are 30-50% solids due to several features, including:

Recessed filter plates rated to 100 psi

Polypropylene filter cloths with gaskets to ensure a tight seal

2-speed hydraulic pumps for reliable pressure

Air blow down system

And more

While efficiency is crucial to a sludge press, durability is also important so that the equipment will survive the heavy use and hazards of an industrial environment. DAI DONG TIEN PHAT ensures our presses will last in any environment with heavy-duty features like all-welded hydraulic cylinders and steel rails and plates. We even warranty our plate filter presses fo, so you can rest assured your investment in a plate filter press will be well protected.

To learn more about installing a plate and frame filter press from DAI DONG TIEN PHAT , contact us today.

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