Filter presses 1000*1000-40

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Filter Presses :

Offered by us includes a series of either vertically or horizontally designed chambers, which are arranged in parallel manner. These are produced by either stacking flush plates of belts with distance frames separating them or stacking a series of recessed plates. The plates or belts carry a filter cloth or other suitable filter medium. Our stack of plates is generally compressed by means of a hand wheel, positive electromechanical or electro hydraulic pressure and the filter cloth serves as a gasket between individual chambers.

Filter Press designed by us are highly suitable for dewatering applications for industrial minerals and in concentrate processing, metallurgical processing, chemicals processing and food & pharmaceutical industries. Moreover, these are also used in waste processing and effluent treatment.

These presses are available in the sizes given below:

470 X 470 mm, 500 X 500 mm, 600 X 600 mm, 900 X 900 mm, 1200 X 1200 mm, ...

Furthermore, these presses are also availed by our clients in specific sizes as per their requirements. For the purpose of drainage, the filter plates can be formed with vertical grooves, corrugations, pyramid surfaces and other configurations.

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