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High Pressure Filter Press Introduction:

High pressure filter press is used for the filtration of various filtering medium, which has the advantages of good filtration effect, low moisture content. High pressure filter press manufactured by Dai Dong Tien Phat Co.,Ltd adopts modular structure which has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple connection, different combinations, wide application. This kind of filter press has high automation, large production capacity, high filtering pressure, low moisture content of filter cake, large yield, small footprint and so on.

According to the liquid discharging way, high pressure filter press can be classified into open flow type and undercurrent type. The filtering area and capacity of the filter press changes according to the number of the filter plate and filter plate.

High pressure filter press is manufactured by the integrate design of machine, electricity, liquid, which can realize the automatic compression, filtering, draining, press, release, pull plate process; automatic filter press process is controlled by the PLC, which can be set according to the programmable controller.


Features of High Pressure Filter Press:

  • High feeding pressure 0.8MPa-1.5MPa.
  • Lowest cake moisture.
  • Pure PP plate is light in weight and easy to operate.
  • Long service life.
  • Two hydraulic cylinder can ensure stable pressing force and well-distributed feeding pressure..



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